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  1. Kanpur Confectioneries Private Limited (A)

    Authors: Dixit, M R; Vandana Dixit;

    Reference No: BP0268(A) Pages: 6 Published on: 19, November, 2001

    Abstract: Mr. Alok Kumar Gupta is required to decide his company's response to a proposal for becoming a sub-contractor to A - One Confectioneries Privte Limited (APL) a large national player in the biscuit industry with aspirations to be a leader in every region. The ... More

  2. Indian Food Specialties Limited

    Authors: Deodhar, Satish Y; Tirupati, D;

    Reference No: CMA0805 Pages: 17 Published on: 1, January, 2002

    Abstract: Indian Food Specialties Limited (IFS) introduced tools of Food Quality Management in May 2000 in response to changing market conditions and poor profitability. Spoilage in the production process was very high and the company had incurred losses for three successive years starting from 1996-97. The ... More

  3. FoodWorld (D): Design of MIS

    Authors: Gupta, Achin; Parikh, Anurag; Raghuram, G; Banerjee, Bibek; Koshy, Abraham;

    Reference No: MAR0325(D) Pages: 12 Published on: 1, January, 2000

    Abstract: The case focuses on the need for an effective Management Information System, especially for monitoring store performance in a retail chain. The key issues are: 1) Identifying key performance and decision areas, 2) Understanding the role and criticality of information processing, 3) Identifying performance indicators and 4) Specifying ... More

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  1. QuickFill Limited: Managing Warehouse Space and Item Obsolescence

    Authors: Roy, Debjit; Pratap, Mayank; Raj, Premm H;

    Reference No: PROD0317 Pages: 12 Published on: 10, April, 2018

    Abstract: Several white goods companies are grappling with issues such as short product life-cycle and high item obsolescence rates. This case analyzes several strategies to overcome item obsolescence, standardize put-away and picking operations and overcome challenges with low picker efficiency at white-goods warehouses. ... More

  2. Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO): Towards consumer centricity

    Authors: Ravichandran, N; Narayanaswami, Sundaravalli;

    Reference No: PSG0128 Pages: 26 Published on: 4, April, 2018

    Abstract: The Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), established by the Government of India is one of the World’s Largest Social Security Organizations. The purpose of EPFO is to ensure social security for Industrial workers and their dependents. EPFO maintains more than 15 crore accounts of ... More

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