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  1. Symphony Theatre

    Authors: Seshan, Suresh A;

    Reference No: F&A0126 Pages: 3 Published on: 1, January, 1970

    Abstract: The case involves the preparation of a balance sheet and a profit and loss statement, on the basis of descriptive transactions, in a theatre business. The case facilitates use of the accrual and realization concepts. ... More

  2. Kanpur Confectioneries Private Limited (A)

    Authors: Dixit, M R; Vandana Dixit;

    Reference No: BP0268(A) Pages: 6 Published on: 19, November, 2001

    Abstract: Mr. Alok Kumar Gupta is required to decide his company's response to a proposal for becoming a sub-contractor to A - One Confectioneries Privte Limited (APL) a large national player in the biscuit industry with aspirations to be a leader in every region. The ... More

  3. FoodWorld (D): Design of MIS

    Authors: Gupta, Achin; Parikh, Anurag; Raghuram, G; Banerjee, Bibek; Koshy, Abraham;

    Reference No: MAR0325(D) Pages: 12 Published on: 1, January, 2000

    Abstract: The case focuses on the need for an effective Management Information System, especially for monitoring store performance in a retail chain. The key issues are: 1) Identifying key performance and decision areas, 2) Understanding the role and criticality of information processing, 3) Identifying performance indicators and 4) Specifying ... More

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  1. A Note on Decision-Making

    Authors: Gupta, Vishal; Brahmbhatt, Kruti;

    Reference No: OB0232TEC Pages: 15 Published on: 4, July, 2019

    Abstract: Our lives are defined by the decisions we make. Important decisions are generally made in the face of great uncertainty, with incomplete information and often under time pressure. This note aims to present briefly a model of how we make decisions and the associated ... More

  2. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojona Rural Road Construction Project Road No 216 (A)

    Authors: Dutta; Goutam;

    Reference No: PSG0129(A) Pages: 5 Published on: 30, July, 2018

    Abstract: S. R. Pandey, Superintending Engineer (SE), Rural Roads Department, Bihar wanted to have a meeting of all the agencies involved, including his other engineers, the contractors to discuss his village road-making project in Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojona (PMGSY). This case discusses how the ... More

  3. Vasudha's Dismay

    Authors: Aggarwal, Shilpee; Gupta Vishal;

    Reference No: OB0230 Pages: 9 Published on: 30, July, 2018

    Abstract: The case describes the situation of Vasudha Kumar, Manager – Background Vetting at Praxum Services Limited. She is surprised by the unexpected resignation of her team member a few days before she has to leave for her maternity break. In a small team, how does ... More

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