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Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) has evolved from being India's premier management institute to a notable international school of management over the last few decades. IIMA is recognized as a pioneer in adapting the case method of teaching and learning in India. The case method is anengaging pedagogy that involves the participants actively in the learning process. They get an opportunity toplay the roles of decision makers, analysts, consultants and competitors of several corporations within the confines of their classrooms.The real-life experiences that these cases represent effectively bring relevant management contexts into the classroom. Though the method was developed by the Harvard Law and Business Schools in the early twentieth century, IIMA is recognized as a pioneer in adapting the method in the Indian context.

  1. The Federal Bank (B) **

    Authors: Shah, B G; Anantharaman, K;

    Reference No: F&A0155(B) Pages: 15 Published on: 1, January, 1970

  2. Aravind Eye Care System: Giving the Most Precious Gift

    Authors: Manikutty, S; Vohra, Neharika;

    Reference No: BP0299 Pages: 32 Published on: 28, October, 2004

  3. Dr. Shekhawat

    Authors: Goel, Abhishek; Vohra, Neharika;

    Reference No: OB0200 Pages: 18 Published on: 24, January, 2007

  4. Mohan Dixit

    Authors: Gupta, Vishal; Premapuri, Priyanka;

    Reference No: OB0233 Pages: 7 Published on: 26, June, 2018

  5. Kanpur Confectioneries Private Limited (A)

    Authors: Dixit, M R; Vandana Dixit;

    Reference No: BP0268(A) Pages: 6 Published on: 19, November, 2001

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