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  1. Indian Food Specialties Limited

    Authors: Deodhar, Satish Y; Tirupati, D;

    Reference No: CMA0805 Pages: 17 Published on: 1, January, 2002

    Abstract: Indian Food Specialties Limited (IFS) introduced tools of Food Quality Management in May 2000 in response to changing market conditions and poor profitability. Spoilage in the production process was very high and the company had incurred losses for three successive years starting from 1996-97. The ... More

  2. Lilac Flour Mills

    Authors: Seshan, Suresh A; Ramanathan, K V;

    Reference No: F&A0067 Pages: 5 Published on: 1, January, 1965

    Abstract: This case is concerned with the problem of inventory valuation and pricing in a joint and byproducts situation. Students are required to decide the minimum selling price for each of the four products and the basis for inventory valuation. ... More

  3. Moti and Heera (Private) Limited (B)

    Authors: Haynes, Warren W;

    Reference No: QM0003(B) Pages: 9 Published on: 1, January, 1965

    Abstract: Deals with relevant costs. ... More

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  1. Maggi Noodles: Challenges of Total Recall in India: Managing Corporate Environment

    Authors: Yadav, Babulal;

    Reference No: BP0396 Pages: 27 Published on: 23, November, 2016

    Abstract: The case challenges the participants to review the events leading to a total ban on all the nine variants of Magi Noodle imposed by FSSAI, the Indian Regulator, by Nestle India. It also challenges them to suggest ways of taking care of the business ... More

  2. GMR KUAEL: India's Longest Road PPP

    Authors: Raghuram, G.; Udaykumar, Prashanth D.; ;

    Reference No: CIPR0026 Pages: 27 Published on: 18, November, 2016

    Abstract: GMR Infrastructure Limited (GMRIL) had to make a decision on its continued role in the 555.48 km Kishangarh Udaipur Ahmedabad (KUA) Expressway Project, India's then longest road public-private partnership (PPP) project. GMR had terminated the contract citing NHAI's failure in fulfilling Conditions Precedent (CP) of ... More

  3. Drivers420.com: Organising Transporters

    Authors: Ghura, Amarpreet Singh; Karna, Amit;

    Reference No: CIIE0007 Pages: 14 Published on: 26, October, 2016

    Abstract: This case describes a situation in which Malkit Singh Bal (Bal) partner of Bal Roadlines shares with Mr. Ghura, who was about to be hired as consultant for Bal Roadlines, about the rise in issue of fraud and crime done by the fleet drivers ... More

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