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  1. Indian Food Specialties Limited

    Authors: Deodhar, Satish Y; Tirupati, D;

    Reference No: CMA0805 Pages: 17 Published on: 1, January, 2002

    Abstract: Indian Food Specialties Limited (IFS) introduced tools of Food Quality Management in May 2000 in response to changing market conditions and poor profitability. Spoilage in the production process was very high and the company had incurred losses for three successive years starting from 1996-97. The ... More

  2. Indian Products Limited (A): Preparing a Plan for Data Analysis

    Authors: Jain, Abhinandan K;

    Reference No: MAR0303(A) Pages: 10 Published on: 14, December, 1994

    Abstract: The case describes the cooking medium market in India. It provides details of a research study to assess opportunity for a new brand of small pack refined oil and determine the best product concept in terms of consumer acceptance and appeal. Three different phases ... More

  3. Indian Products Limited (B): Plan of Data Analysis and Inference Building

    Authors: Jain, Abhinandan K;

    Reference No: MAR0303(B) Pages: 10 Published on: 14, December, 1994

    Abstract: The case is a continuation of Indian Products Limited (A): Plan for Data Analysis. It describes the process of data preparation, including preparation of the codebook, and proposed data analysis plan for achieving the objectives of the research described in case (A). The objectives ... More

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  1. Pradhan Chemicals: Connecting with the Community

    Authors: Sharma, Meenakshi;

    Reference No: COMM0015 Pages: 3 Published on: 1, February, 2017

    Abstract: The case deals with a situation where the protagonist, Abhik Roy, who heads a manufacturing unit of Pradhan Chemicals has committted something on behalf of his unit, to senior management. He now faces the challenge of getting the entire unit to go along with ... More

  2. GEF India Private Limited: January 2011: Defining Market Research Problem

    Authors: Jain, Abhinandan; Singh, Vivek;

    Reference No: MAR0488 Pages: 15 Published on: 19, January, 2017

    Abstract: In 2011, Brand Manager, was reviewing the research brief prepared to review the performance of the launch plan of the refined vegetable cooking oil brand freedom of GEF, a new company in Andhra Pradesh. Specific focus was to assess overall performance, brand strength and TVC. ... More

  3. Social Transformation in Indian Tribal Community: Unlocking the Potential by Healthcare

    Authors: Ravichandran, N.; Patel, Malay;

    Reference No: BP0397 Pages: 15 Published on: 10, January, 2017

    Abstract: The case documents the evolution of an eye care hospital promoted by not-for profit organization located in Mandvi, District-Surat, close to the tribal community of Gujarat state, India. In a short span of five years (as of 2016), the trust has evolved as a community ... More

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